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Achieve Brand Recognition On All Of Your Packaging
Make Better Sustainability Decisions
How Automation Impacts Packaging
You know the importance of creating a distinct and memorable label that will catch the eye of the consumer. You want your brand to be recognized quickly and easily across all types of packaging and on all your products. Therefore, it is critical that your brand colours appear consistent.
TAKEAWAY: To be sure your brand is the same on all your packaging, your designer and suppliers need to work together.
How do you navigate the changing packaging landscape?
How your product is packaged is no longer just connected to visual appeal and food safety.  Many of today's consumers are making purchase decisions with sustainability in mind.

The PAC Packaging Consortium developed a Packaging Sustainability Checklist as a quick reference to help businesses make sound packaging decisions.

OPPORTUNITY: Adjusting your packaging to address the increasing interest in sustainability is going to take time and effort but it is also an opportunity to potentially position your company ahead of your competition.
What you need to know before you automate your packaging line.
Business is picking up and you find yourself struggling to keep up with demand. Now you are thinking of automating or upgrading your existing equipment to meet your increased volume.

Automating and upgrading packaging lines can reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase capacity to meet customer demand. However, be aware that your existing packaging will most likely require some redesign in order to perform on the new or improved equipment lines.
Tip: Involve your supplier(s) at the beginning of any packaging machinery acquisition or upgrade. Not only will you avoid the cost of obsolete packaging, but it will also help determine project costs and ensure a smoother transition.
Introducing our Environmental Label
A premium label that also reduces your ecological footprint.   Made with a 100% recycled paper liner that can be recycled after use, this premium label is a breakthrough in environmental sustainability.

Coaching Services for Packaging
If you have a particular challenge with respect to your packaging, would like a new perspective, or wish to understand the aspects of how to package your products, you can schedule a personal coaching session via telephone or Skype.

Packaging is complex. We know how easy it is to miss a detail and how costly that can be. That’s why we’ve put together these 10 steps.

It is full of those small details that are sometimes forgotten. Next time you are launching a new product or redesigning your packaging, take a moment to review our 10 steps and make sure you’ve covered everything. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did.

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