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How to Select A Label Supplier
RecycleReady - 100% recyclable multi-layer packaging
Why You Need To Optimize Your Product Images
Selecting a Label Supplier
A label is not just label! There are a number of considerations to take into account when selecting the right label supplier for your product. The label is your brand and it must perform throughout the life of the product, from production, through distribution, and after consumer purchase.
TAKEAWAY: Grab a copy of our sample Supplier Agreement here under Step 7
RecycleReady - 100% recyclable multi-layer packaging
We recently attended a tour of the TC Transcontinental Flexstar flexible packaging facility in Richmond, Canada to learn more about their 100% recyclable pouch made with the new barrier films that can be recycled within the plastic bags/film/wrap category.
OPPORTUNITY: Early adopters who are passionate about the environment will see this as an opportunity to be leaders in bringing these materials to market in a cost-effective manner.
What you need to know before you upload that terrific photo you took of your new packaging.
Large file sizes can turn your consumers browsing experience into one that has them clicking the back button to get away from the dreaded slow loading page. Not only will you lose that potential customer but Google will notice too.
Tip: Do a Google Image search on your brand.  What did you find? Is there an opportunity for your company?
Coaching Services for Packaging
If you have a particular challenge with respect to your packaging, would like a new perspective, or wish to understand the aspects of how to package your products, you can schedule a personal coaching session via telephone or Skype.

Packaging is complex. We know how easy it is to miss a detail and how costly that can be. That’s why we’ve put together these 10 steps.

It is full of those small details that are sometimes forgotten. Next time you are launching a new product or redesigning your packaging, take a moment to review our 10 steps and make sure you’ve covered everything. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did.

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