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Packaging Trends To Watch For in 2019
Packaging Trends and Why We Like Them
We are always on the lookout for the latest innovations in packaging design and this time we're sharing our thoughts with you.
Dish Soap in a Pouch
Proctor & Gamble designed this self-sealing soft pack flexible pouch specifically for e-commerce.  Recognizing that shipping via post or courier presents different environments than the traditional distribution systems, P&G developed a dishwashing liquid ideal for direct to consumer sales.
  • Uses 50% less plastic
  • Self sealing for one handed convenience
  • Material extends shelf life and is puncture resistant
Liquid Detergent Bag-in-Box
Another P&G innovation is the new Tide Eco-Box, similar to the bag-in-a-box wine concept.  Again, in preparation for an increased e-commerce presence, liquid Tide will be filled into a bag with a spout and packed in a convenient box.
  • Uses 60% less plastic
  • Needs no protective packaging
  • Contains 30% less water reducing footprint, weight and shipping costs
Wine in Flat Plastic Bottles
Fits through a mail slot!
This flat wine bottle was designed specifically for e-commerce shipments so that it can be packed into a box to slip through a mail slot.

  • Mail slot! Enough said.
  • Made from 100% PET
  • Are 100% recyclable post use
  • 87% lighter than glass
  • 40% spatially smaller than a round bottle
Would you buy wine in a flat plastic bottle?
Shiny is Out, Matte Finish is In
Is it Instagrammable?
In today’s social media world a matte finish is much easier to photograph as the light does not reflect. This is most evident on flexible plastic materials commonly used for stand-up pouch packaging where traditionally, the pouches were most often intentionally glossy.

  • Labels, bags, boxes, bottles are all moving to matte
  • Social media is driving the change
  • Keep an eye open for matte black with copper accents
People-centric designs
Another trend that has been around awhile but seems to be on the upswing is incorporating photos of real people on packaging to tell the brand story.

Matsu organic wines use photos of three generations of men working in the vineyards of the Toro region of Spain.  Each of the three personalities represent the characteristics of the three wines.

Meal Kits
We would be remiss not to mention the inundation of ready to prepare and cook meal kits in the market. These types of products require thermal and specialty packaging designed to separate and portion the various ingredients.
Require specialty packaging to separate and portion
Reduce home food waste

Ready to cook in ovenable flexible plastic bags
Ovenable trays have been in the market for many years, both in paper and rigid plastic materials, however, what is relatively new and not very common in the market is the ovenable plastic overwrap.
Bags are self-ventilating but keep juices in
No pan mess to clean up
No additional seasonings to buy

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